Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December Meetup, Daisy Cafe

And yup, it was scheduled for the very cool looking Java Cat Cafe but I realized when Kellen, Pam  and I got there it was pretty full. As more of our group arrived we came up with a Plan B and moved on to Daisy Cafe further down on Atwood.
Apologies to those who we missed in the confusion, but these things happen.

We did enjoy our final get together for 2018. Daisy is a good choice - lots of variety of objects in the space and good cupcakes and coffee.

We'll get back together at the Chocolaterian Cafe in Middleton to start off 2019. In the meantime, stay healthy and keep on sketching.


Pam is looking super serious as she considers her drawing isn't she?

Cindy had an awesome watercolor palette to show us

Michael relaxes on more time before the baby comes

Pam's sketching setup,looks as though Kellen finished her cupcake

Drawings from The Gang

Friday, December 7, 2018

December 5th - Drink & Draw @ Vintage Brewery

Genie, Mercedes and I enjoyed sketching at the Vintage Brewery which was pretty busy  but it's a big place so still plenty of tables.  Genie showed us a great idea for urban sketching without a sketchbook.  She does her watercolor sketches on loose paper and then puts them in plastic sleeves in a sturdy portfolio.  The sketches stand out nicely against the black pages of the portfolio. She only started sketching this last February when she discovered USK Madison and already has an impressive collection of sketches.  Genie said she had studied art in college but had not been regularly drawing and painting until finding our group.  That is what Urban Sketchers is all about - getting us out there sketching together and on our own and finding out how life enriching that can be. 

I will schedule a couple more Drink & Draws this winter and will be mindful of the weather as we may have to have "snow dates" instead of rain dates.  I think most of us prefer to stay in at night when the roads are icy.  If anyone has ideas for venues as always please let me know and I will be glad to check them out.  Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!! 
We all sketched the cozy fireplace

Mercedes and Genie packing up

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sketch Dates for December

We have 2 dates scheduled for December:

Wednesday Dec. 5th  at Vintage Brewery 7-9 pm (please note this is a change from the 6th)

Sunday Dec. 9th  at Java Cat Coffee 1-3 pm

Hope to see you there!!!  We will be adding dates for 2019 soon.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Manna Cafe & Bakery

Greetings Sketchers

November 10 we convened at a cafe I have only recently discovered on the east side of Madison, Manna Cafe and Bakery. This is a place people love and if you haven't been there, you need to go.

The meetup was scheduled for Saturday at 10AM and when I arrived and saw the crowd I got a bit nervous, but not to worry, these people are accommodating and quickly organized a table for our group. The food is amazing and the drawing was plentiful.

Eight of us arrived on a very chilly Saturday proving it was smart to switch to indoor only at this point in Wisconsin. Down in front is our new friend Suzie who was visiting from the Twin Cities. I love it when we get sketchers from other places.

Next up is Java Cat Coffee, still sticking with the eastside of Madison, this time near the Pinney Library practically in Monona. We'll meet on a Sunday, December 9, 1-3pm to celebrate our holiday spirit whatever it may be.

Remember to keep sketching and stay creative...


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lakeside Coffee: Drink & Draw - November 15th

It was quiet but very pleasant for sketching tonight at Lakeside Coffee.  I think there were 5 of us.  We've been to Lakeside Coffee before but I always missed those and I was very impressed with what a nice space it is.  Lots of room and plenty of tables.  I look forward to sketching there again.

Jeanie and Mercedes

Gretchen was our model for the evening

Our sketches for the evening

Friday, November 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Drink & Draw: Monday Oct. 29th

Four sketchers turned out for our first Drink & Draw of 2018.  The Old Fashioned turned out to be super crowded so we relocated to the Brocach Irish Pub.  We left word with the hostess and waited for awhile in case any one turned up a little late but so far as we could see it was just us 4.

It was a bit noisy at Brocach as it was trivia night but we had a big table and got some sketching done and catching up on art news, etc.  Tsela recently was juried into the Madison Art Guild which sounded very interesting and she has several pieces on display at Creative Energy Designs, 125 S. Dickinson.  Gretchen had seen them and was very impressed!

Hope to see some more of us at the next D & D which should be quieter and less crowded.  If anyone has ideas and suggestions for good D & D sketching sites please let me know.  I will be doing posts for any upcoming sketching events so if you want an email reminder just submit your email on the right where it says:  Follow By Email and you will get an email of every new post.  You can also always find the upcoming schedule on this blog under Events and on our Facebook page.  The schedule so far is: 

                                             Sat. Nov. 10th @ Manna Cafe  10am-noon                     
                                            Thurs. Nov.  15th @ Lakeside Coffee House  7-9pm
                                            Thurs. Dec. 6th @ Vintage Brewing Co. 7-9pm         

                                             Sunday Dec. 9th @ Java Cat Coffee  1-3pm

My Inktober sketch done at Brocach but I only drank a half pint of beer and no shots!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

UW Arboretum....Brrrrrrrrr

If we need a reminder that summer days are definitely in the past you should have been with us 5 brave sketchers Saturday morning at UW Arboretum. A chilling experience. This is why you will see only indoor meetups for the future months until summer makes a 2019 appearance.

Kellen gets inspired

I had forgotten that the Visitor Center opens at 12:30 on the weekends so inside was not an option. Undaunted we forged ahead. Of course Gretchen saw no problem with the weather and heading off to a pine grove to sketch. Louisa was looking for turkeys and our remaining 3 (Toni, Kellen and myself) stayed close to the area that surrounds the Visitor Center.

Toni tries to draw a straight line with a frozen hand

We all enjoyed our sketching, such interesting colors in autumn this time of the year. An hour and a half into it we suddenly realized - We're Coooold!!! Pictures were taken haphazardly and I apologize especially to Gretchen...she was coming from her sketching area as the rain drops were falling harder and Kellen and I needed to head off to our respective homes to warm our toes.

Louisa and Toni try to hold their cold hands steady for the camera

Kellen is proud she has used her new colored pens

Next time? A cafe, I promise.

And that's me, heading home for tea...

I practice a bike, Kellen draws....and there is a cool hydrangia bush

Join us on the east side at Manna Cafe & Bakery on November 10. This will be a Saturday morning 10-12 meetup, Manna is not open Sunday pm.

And in the meantime of course,
Stay Creative


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Upcoming Sketching Events

The next few dates for urban sketching can be found on the Events page here and on Facebook.  I am also going to do at least a monthly blog post so anyone who follows USK Madison on email will get an email with the post.  (If you want to do that just submit your email over in the right hand column where it says Follow by Email)

October 27th  @ UW Arboretum  10am to noon

October 29th  @ The Old Fashioned, Madison  7pm  to 9pm

November 10th @ Manna Cafe & Bakery, Madison, 10am to noon

Anyone 18 or older with an interest in sketching is welcome to join us.  For more information click on any of the headings in the right hand column.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Drink & Draw Monday October 29th 7-9pm @ The Old Fashioned

We will have our first Drink & Draw of the year Oct. 29th at the Old Fashioned located on Capitol Square.  It is a popular place but there is no baseball that night and neither the Packers or Badgers are playing so I was hoping it would not be too crowded.  Good food and over 50 beers on tap.  If you are coming it would be good if you could get there by 7pm so we know how big a table we need.  I plan to get there by 6:45pm.  

If anyone has ideas for locations for more Drink & Draw sketch dates please let me or Ruth know.  When the weather gets worse it would be good to have a place that has its own parking lot but hopefully it will not be snowing on the 29th! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fall Sketching

Greetings Fellow Sketchers!

It's been quite the weather in Madison for the past few months and I applaud any of you that made our sketch dates and kept up with your practice.

I've just returned from my own drawing expedition back east and had a great time sketching new places.

Just posted a couple meet-ups on our events calendar as we move to the cold weather coffee shop model. Our next meetup is at the Arboretum and I'm hoping to see you there.

Please remember to check times and days for sketch meetups as we go forward. I have decided to schedule only one per month and it could be Saturday or Sunday. Remember that you can come up with your own ideas and post them, especially easy on Facebook, we'd love to have your ideas.

In the meantime, stay creative


Friday, October 5, 2018

Just a reminder that it is Inktober month again and here are this year's promts from the Inktober site.  An extra challenge could be how to do an urban sketch featuring the day's prompt.   Read all about it at:

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Tuvalu Cafe in Verona

That was a splendid day for sketchers.

After that long period of rain that seemed endless over the past week or two, 12 USK sketchers came for a wonderful afternoon of food, friendship and art making.

Tuvalu is a great location, lots of interesting spots inside the cafe and it was nice enough to head outside if you chose. I think we'll head back there again sometime.

Next couple meetups are on the Events Calendar. The end of September is the Discovery Building downtown on Saturday morning and the October meetup on Sunday afternoon 10/7 will be at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

I'll be on my own Sketching Expedition for 2 weeks during that time, heading east, so I'll send out my usual plea for others to please post your work.

I'll see you all the end of October, in the meantime, keep sketching!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sketching Location Change for September

Greetings Sketchers!

Due to our endless rain in the Madison area this summer I've decided to put off the trip to the dog park  in Verona and move to Tuvalu Coffee Shop, located on Main Street in Verona.

Thanks to our member Edna, I also found out lots of Triatholon traffic will be coming through Verona on our previously scheduled Sunday date, SO

New Date, New Location

I'll see you on
Saturday, September 8, 1-3pm (note - NOT our usual 10-12 Saturday format)
Tuvalu Coffee Shop, 300 S. Main Street, Verona

Happy Sketching!


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Field Trip to Cross Plains, odds and ends

We've had some intense sunny days this summer sketchers. Our Sunday sketch meet up in Cross Plains was no different. A small but mighty group came and found the best shade in the area, under an umbrella in front of the coffee shop.

As usual a good time was had by all.

As the day progressed there was some interesting traffic developments on that main road toward Madison. We increased our volume as the motorcycles, tractor trailers and other oddball modes of transportation came roaring by.

Undaunted and happy we sketched and talked and shared.

That's really what it's all about.

And an update along that line dear blog followers:

Next up is a Saturday date at the WI Medical Society along the lake in Olin Park this weekend August 25, 10-12. I will be out of town hopefully sketching in the Twin Cities. Anyone who attends, take pictures, post.

September tries two suggested locations, a Verona dog park and The Discovery Building in downtown Madison. October has Forest Lawn Cemetery and UW Arboretum featured and that takes us back to coffee shop time in WI as the temps fall.

Do you have a suggestion? Let me know! I plan to schedule only one Sketch date in November, December and January. We can always have more if you suggest it.

Happy Sketching

Friday, August 3, 2018

Drawing Attention 2018 is published

And it's a great issue, news of Porto and other nifty stuff

Here's the link I got, but just go to the urban sketcher website and you'll find it....

Image result for urban sketchers



Monday, July 30, 2018

Olbrich Park

What an incredible Wisconsin summer day this was. I'm really pleased with our location this time because it really offered a lot of variety; people, boats, landscape, buildings. Something to please everyone.

But really, a mosquito free experience and sketching with others, What could be better?

Thirteen sketchers in all, 6 who were new to our group! Hello to Vyann and Barry (who came from Iowa) , Laura, Karen, my daughter Emily and Luis (who both came from Spain). Thanks Luis for taking the group photo!

Next up is the field trip to Cross Plains on Sunday afternoon August 12. Lots of variety there, we'll gather somewhere near the coffee shop.

Stay creative, keep sketching...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Union Terrace

Wow, you can see I'm in summer mode, I saw these pics on my phone and remembered I wanted to share them with you!

July 8, on a warm Sunday, I biked down to Union Terrace on the lake. A gorgeous day with lots of people out and about.

Ran into fellow sketchers Helen (first timer) and Genie while I was starting my first sketch. Genie and I met up on the overlook.

On my way back to my bike I finally saw why I hadn't run into anyone else; they had smartly grabbed tables around the corner in the shade, so altogether, 11 productive sketchers took advantage of a beautiful summer day in Madison.

Next meetup is Olbrich Park along the lake. Meet by the beach near the pavilion. I'll be out of town, so if you go, please post.

Stay creative...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

West Washington Train Station

My fingers were crossed and mother nature did come through, sparing us from the daily showers we've been receiving for the past few weeks. Ten sketchers gathered at the old train station to share sketches and draw together. Given the chilly temps, a few spent their time in Porter's Coffee Shop, not a bad idea.

work by The Gang

my own, without too much further work at home this time...

And a welcome to new sketcher Stephanie, on the left next to Gretchen...Lora had to leave early

Thanks all for sharing and drawing together.....and remember to stay creative.