Sunday, October 15, 2017

Back at Olbrich Gardens

USK Madison met today, Sunday, at Olbrich Gardens and none too soon; several of us remarked on the much needed sense of peace and calm the garden gave us, both inside and out. What a wonderful day.

We had 10 people turn out, including new member Sally (gosh I hope I have that name right Sally) regardless, she had a good time and said she would be back. A few brave souls (Louise among them of course) braved the cold, most of us stayed inside with the canaries and orchids and soaked up the warmth.

Jean sketching the indoor tropics

Cindy shows a very cool bag she bought....I forgot the name - "Darcy", perhaps?

The Crew show off their sketches

My watercolor, Stillman & Birns, micron pen and paint

A great way to spend the day...see you in November for World Wide Sketchcrawl day!

Friday, October 13, 2017

UW Arboretum Saturday October 7th

I think there were at least 4 of us at the Arboretum on Saturday.  I came late but did sit outside under a tree in the wind long enough to sketch this with watercolor pencils.  There is an article about it in this week's Isthums.  The clouds parted for a few minutes for a glimpse of blue sky.  Hopefully next week we are due for more sunshine.
Arch created by Mike Burns for the Horticultural Gardens

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Liquor Store Signs

There are so many amazing liquor store signs in Madison (hey it's Wisconsin...) that I decided to do a sketchbook series of some of them. I have 5 picked out to do so far, my first I did a week or so ago near the corner of Regent and Park, aptly named Regent Liquor.

My always favorite Stillman and Birn spiral sketchbook and some watercolor paint.

Next up, University Ave.
Stay tuned

Monday, October 2, 2017

prompt.jpgIt's that time of year again - Inktober!

This is NOT an official Urban Sketcher activity but it is fun and I am going to try to do the list above with various pens.  If I do any that are actual urban sketches I will post them.  As always please feel free to post any urban sketching on our blog whether you use ink or not.  Happy Sketching!!  (See website attached for more about Inktober):