Monday, October 21, 2019

October in the Graveyard

Thanks Mother Nature, you held off the rain and 11 sketchers had a great time exploring fall on the wonderful grounds of the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Madison.

This is a beautiful place, thanks all for coming.

Remember we have a special meetup planned 11/2 at Madison's Hawthorned library - this is Saturday at 1:30. Bring anything to share - drawings, tools, etc. and enjoy hearing about Cindy's participation in the USK Symposium this summer in Amsterdam.

Plus, sketch the library - what's not to love?

November's monthly meetup will be at coffee shop and restaurant Common Ground AND if we have a day of warm weather, it's located right by Pheasant Branch Conservancy. Check the events calendar.

Enjoy fall, get out and sketch,

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Meetup this Saturday

Hey Sketchers....

Here we are with our October meetup this weekend and the rain clouds are forming on my weather app...sigh, what can you do.

Remember we do have a rain location, over at the Sequoya Library at EVP Coffee, also possible is going to the Sequoya Library, so don't despair, keep sketching. I'll post a note tomorrow night after I take another look at the weather.

Added meetup opportunity! Cynthia Zick has posted an event on Facebook at the Hawthorne Library and will entertain us with tales of her trip to Amsterdam and participation in the USK Symposium, you can be sure there will be lots to share. Please bring your own sketchbooks and tools to share also - we like to take time to see what everyone is doing. We will meet 11/2, a Saturday, starting at 1:30pm.

So get busy!........... and stay creative.


Thursday, October 3, 2019

September Meetup on Monroe Street

Greetings Sketchers,

We got a September meetup in the nick of time, thanks to a warm and dry spot at Roman Candle Pizza on Monroe Street, our backup this month for mother nature's plans. Rain.

This new restaurant on the corner of Knickerbocker and Monroe is a wonderful place for our group to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, beautiful lighting, just a few tables full, tasty food.

Good time had by all, some pretty good sketches too.

Next up, Forest Lawn Cemetery in October. The rain alternative will be EVP Coffee Shop or the Sequoya Library, both in the plaza off Midvale Blvd. I'll be back in touch if that's necessary.

Take care all, keep sketching, no weather excuses for you!


Friday, September 27, 2019

Update on Sunday 9/29 Meetup

It's on!

Even though you are looking at the iffy weather, I just went down to Roman Candle Pizza in the plaza at the corner of Knickerbocker and Monroe and they said Sunday afternoon was a great time for a group to come.

Even had some pizza - pretty tasty. They also have salads, looks like they sell ice cream from The Chocolate Shoppe too. Plenty of beer...

So, this place is down the street from Wingra Boat rental, if the weather behaves you can stay outside, otherwise, I'll be in the pizza shop

Who knows?, I might even get a beer.

We'll draw yet.....

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rain and More Rain, Sunday Cancelled

Just took a look at the weather map for tomorrow sketchers and it's one big rain cloud all day long.

Thinking this probably isn't the day to go hang out at Lake Wingra....SO I have next weekend free, do you?

I'm going to move the date after I check with our FB group, then you'll see it pop up here.

But this isn't an excuse to not sketch, so get busy!

My Best

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

August Meetup

What a terrific time 12 of us had in the University Heights neighborhood last Saturday. All the planets were aligned; the weather was superb, Tsela was such a great hostess, and what's not to love with the architecture in that historic district.

We all decided it was an idea worth repeating. Is your neighborhood interesting? I realized, living in Westmorland, I need get a date on the calendar. Lots to see here including a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home - stay tuned and let me know if you have an idea.

Thanks to all who came....we had a couple new faces, along with Louisa's two cute Sheltie dogs. We hope you all come back again.

Next up, Wingra boat rental off Monroe Street, check the events Calendar.

In the meantime, stay creative!


More News from Chicago!

I heard from Alex, our contact in USK Chicago, she posted the following info on Facebook and I wanted to make sure everyone had access.

Sounds exciting, and if you can make it please let us know...leads the way for other Tri-State meetups by another of our 3 state group, doesn't it. It might be nice to get in touch with our friends in the MWK group to see if we can get  a meetup together among the two of us.

Always nice to meet more sketching friends.....

Let's sketch Chicago: Tri-State sketchcrawl - IN, WI, IL

 · Hosted by Alex Zonis
  • Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 10 AM – 3 PM
  • The Bean
    1 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60602