Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December Meetup, Daisy Cafe

And yup, it was scheduled for the very cool looking Java Cat Cafe but I realized when Kellen, Pam  and I got there it was pretty full. As more of our group arrived we came up with a Plan B and moved on to Daisy Cafe further down on Atwood.
Apologies to those who we missed in the confusion, but these things happen.

We did enjoy our final get together for 2018. Daisy is a good choice - lots of variety of objects in the space and good cupcakes and coffee.

We'll get back together at the Chocolaterian Cafe in Middleton to start off 2019. In the meantime, stay healthy and keep on sketching.


Pam is looking super serious as she considers her drawing isn't she?

Cindy had an awesome watercolor palette to show us

Michael relaxes on more time before the baby comes

Pam's sketching setup,looks as though Kellen finished her cupcake

Drawings from The Gang

Friday, December 7, 2018

December 5th - Drink & Draw @ Vintage Brewery

Genie, Mercedes and I enjoyed sketching at the Vintage Brewery which was pretty busy  but it's a big place so still plenty of tables.  Genie showed us a great idea for urban sketching without a sketchbook.  She does her watercolor sketches on loose paper and then puts them in plastic sleeves in a sturdy portfolio.  The sketches stand out nicely against the black pages of the portfolio. She only started sketching this last February when she discovered USK Madison and already has an impressive collection of sketches.  Genie said she had studied art in college but had not been regularly drawing and painting until finding our group.  That is what Urban Sketchers is all about - getting us out there sketching together and on our own and finding out how life enriching that can be. 

I will schedule a couple more Drink & Draws this winter and will be mindful of the weather as we may have to have "snow dates" instead of rain dates.  I think most of us prefer to stay in at night when the roads are icy.  If anyone has ideas for venues as always please let me know and I will be glad to check them out.  Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!! 
We all sketched the cozy fireplace

Mercedes and Genie packing up