Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It took an hour to get an new Gooogle account as I am sure many others have had to do so now I can finally post again.  What a time waster these things are!  But fun and informative also.  Lately I have been working in my sketchbook doing little watercolors with some pen work and it's fun.  I have a page of images to remember the day with instead of snapshots and as we know painting a place fixes it in your memory much better than snapping a photo. This was done on our outing to Olbrich Gardens with Dana, Gretchen and Shirley a few weeks ago.  We all enjoyed the hydrangeas.  This journal is a Strathmore Artist's Journal with mixed media paper which I like alot for watercolor work.  It is pretty forgiving and doesn't buckle much even with alot of water.  I used artist tape to make the borders which is a easy way to design a page.  Paintings always look so much better when I peel the tape away.