Friday, March 22, 2019

March at Olbrich Gardens

Great to see 13 sketchers gather together at Olbrich Gardens last weekend. There was still a chill in the air, but Pam and I were determined to sit outside after the endless cold of winter and we did manage to find a sun spot.

no honestly, we were both warm...

I can't tell you how great it felt to be outside sketching once again.

It's always nice to see the gardens in any season and things were hopping inside with their exhibit in the conservatory.

Next up, the Verona Library, a Sunday pm meetup on April 14, 1-3pm. We are entering that time of the year when the weather could go either way - well really I guess that's always true. The Verona Library is a great place inside and out. If it's a nice day there are plenty of walking paths and prairie plantings. If you need to be inside, there is lovely window light.

If you are inside, plan accordingly with your materials and be respectful of the space.

Stay creative, keep sketching