Monday, February 18, 2019

Meetup at Target

Such a nice way to spend a Saturday morning in February.
First of all, it was amazing that we got a break in the weather - that one day was perfect, amidst a winter that has not been kind to sketchers. Unless you're into snow.

I really like this location for a winter meetup; lots of space, natural lighting, variety of subject matter, plus you can do some shopping afterwards.

Gretchen, Lana and Kellen compare notes

One delight was a fly-by appearance from Lana of Platteville who was one her way to Janesville. She posts in our Facebook group occasionally and although she didn't have time to sketch with us, shared a small sketchbook she carried with her. That's my kind of sketcher!

Cindy and Jean are heavy into a discussion of tools

So don't let the weather get you down, get out there and draw. Check the events tab on the blog for our next meetup in March at Olbrich Garden, I'll be putting a reminder on the blog shortly before then, but don't wait for then, find something to draw tomorrow.

My Best

Monday, February 11, 2019

Target at Hilldale This Saturday

Fellow sketchers, just a reminder for this coming Saturday, a meetup in Target at Hilldale, head up the escalator and look for me in Starbucks. We'll gather in the morning 10am-12n. It actually looks as though the weather may be kind to us, at this snow on Saturday.

Also wanted to let you know the February ezine of Drawing Attention is out and it is a fabulous issue, take a look, you'll be inspired and envy the locations you look at - there is green!

And finally a sketch just so you where I've been hanging out in the snowy of my favorite spots to draw.
The laundromat.
Warm and toasty, always something going on. What more can I ask for?

Take care