Friday, September 27, 2019

Update on Sunday 9/29 Meetup

It's on!

Even though you are looking at the iffy weather, I just went down to Roman Candle Pizza in the plaza at the corner of Knickerbocker and Monroe and they said Sunday afternoon was a great time for a group to come.

Even had some pizza - pretty tasty. They also have salads, looks like they sell ice cream from The Chocolate Shoppe too. Plenty of beer...

So, this place is down the street from Wingra Boat rental, if the weather behaves you can stay outside, otherwise, I'll be in the pizza shop

Who knows?, I might even get a beer.

We'll draw yet.....

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rain and More Rain, Sunday Cancelled

Just took a look at the weather map for tomorrow sketchers and it's one big rain cloud all day long.

Thinking this probably isn't the day to go hang out at Lake Wingra....SO I have next weekend free, do you?

I'm going to move the date after I check with our FB group, then you'll see it pop up here.

But this isn't an excuse to not sketch, so get busy!

My Best