Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Madison icon since 1936... I noticed it parked while driving by a grocery store. Stopped  and asked the friendly staff to fill me in with more "Weinermobile facts." There are six of these roaming the country from coast to coast promoting
the brand to fans and families. The drivers or brand ambassadors 
are college seniors who have a one year assignment. They're also called
 "Hot Doggers." Before they hit the road - they go through two weeks of training
at Hot Dog High... and this weekend was actually their Summer Activation Graduation.  This is the 27th year the cars have been driven across the U.S.
One can't miss them  at 27 ft long and 11 ft wide. 
So... I took out my chair, straw hat and sketch pad.  The pencil sketch was followed by layers of watercolor washes. The details were done in pen and ink.  I had just enough time to almost finish before they drove off to another city stop...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016



aI sketched inside Victor Allen's on Sunday, and was itching to get outside yesterday.  I went to the Picnic Point trail  and did this watercolor sketch.  It was a beautiful afternoon!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Allen Garden Sketches

Pen and Ink sketch of  quiet corner of the gardens

Composite pen and ink sketch of statues and pots
Reisa, Carol and I sketched at Allen Centennial Gardens as previously scheduled.  It was a beautiful afternoon and many people were enjoying the gardens but it was not crowded.  The sun was very bright but there were lots of benches in the shade and many flowers were at their peak.  The dwarf conifer garden was spectacular as was the rock garden which Carol noted was planted with "standing" stones in such a way that the plant roots can grow deep and get enough moisture.  We also enjoyed watching baby Koi follow their parents around the pond.  The building is being renovated but is still also a great subject for sketching.  Parking is ample on weekends but during the week until after 5pm it could be a problem as most of the lots require permits during the day.  It would be a great place for sketching on a summer evening.  

2016  C Scow National Championship Regatta on Lake Monona  - Madison
I sat on the shoreline just before a race took place. The brushing wind added to the excitement as the sailors prepared and took their places.  Lake Monona Sailing Club hosted the event which brought crew members from around the country.  The shorescape in the distance is our capital city. The arched structure to the right of the state capital is Monona Terrace - plans that were drawn up many years ago by Frank Lloyd Wright. I couldn't image being anywhere else at the moment....

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Victor Allen's Coffee Shop

The band of sketchers were Ruth, Linda, Elsie, Gretchen and Louise. We met for sketching at the coffee shop and not the gardens. Depending on where we drove in from - threatening skies were overhead. Keep that sketching fever going throughout your summer activities and travels...

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Allen Centennial Gardens - Sunday June 12th

Well, the Cows may have gotten rained out last weekend but tomorrow's weather forecast looks good and much cooler than today.  We will sketch at the gardens from 1 to 3pm.   Anyone with an interest in drawing from life is welcome to join us.