Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sketching at Sequoya Part 2

That was a mighty brisk walk I took to Sequoya Library a week ago for our January meetup. Not sure how many of us were sprinkled through the library, maybe 13?

It certainly took care of any chills we might have had, the sun was out in force and the library was toasty. We welcomed a couple new sketchers that day too.

Always nice to spend a peaceful afternoon with like minded people.

Photos are a partial showing - some had to slip out early. February meetup is a field trip out to Oregon and the Firefly Cafe, it's on the events calendar. I'll be putting a few more on in the next few weeks.

Stay creative,

PS: bonus sketch I did last Friday when I took myself out to lunch at The Short Stack on State Street. Awesome place to sketch, but don't go there at the busy times, that place gets packed.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sketching at Sequoia

  It was quite toasty last Sunday with the sun streaming in the corner of the library.  The only downside is no talking but then we probably got more sketching done.  I'm sorry I did not get to talk to some of the sketchers I haven't met yet. Thanks to everyone for showing up and hope to see you in February.

  Many thanks to Ruth for all her hard work and willingness to take on one more year.  I'm sure someone will step forward to take on 2021. I thought maybe it was time for our blog to have a bit of a new look.  Hope it looks ok?

Deborah sketching in a sunny spot at the library

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sequoya Library this Sunday

Get your mittens, hat, boots and sketchbook ready.

This Sunday, January 19 is our monthly get together at Sequoya Library on the west side of Madison. Located in that same plaza is EVP coffee, so although we will meet in the library some may want to sketch at the coffee shop.

And you no doubt are aware some snow is forecast on Saturday. I'm thinking positively for Sunday and I know I will be going as I live within walking distance of the of the perks of choosing the places we sketch and placing them on the calendar.

And speaking of that, this will be my third and last year of choosing the locations and letting you all know where they are. I'll be completing the dates for the group through December 2020.

So if you enjoy sketching with like minded people each month you might consider doing this not overwhelming task. Please let me know if you are interested at one of the meetups.

It would be a shame to let the group fade away.

See you Sunday!

....a sketch I made on some old book paper looking at Lake Waubesa in the afternoon on Christmas Eve 2019