Monday, July 9, 2012

Here are a few sketches from 3 of our last 4 outings.  Sorry I had to wimp out on Saturday at Farmer's Market on the Square but the heat did me in.  The first is the aerial view from the Target Starbuck's on University looking across the street.  The next is at Ground Zero where the coffee and company was excellent.  And the last was from Memorial Union Terrace on June 30th.  Always a great place to people watch and sketch. 

  What we really need to do is sketch a nice rainy scene and maybe some Sunday we will get the chance. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

A sketch from Carol!

Here's a sketch from Carol of the MG&E plant on Madison's eastside. From what I hear, our group enjoyed a decent view of the plant from the air conditioned comfort of Ground Zero Cafe. I really enjoy the color palette she choose. Thanks for sharing Carol!

Tomorrow, Saturday July7, we'll be at the Dane County Farmer's Market on the square in downtown Madison. It's probably still going to be super hot, so please stay well hydrated! If we get too hot, we can always retreat to a cafe on the Square.