Monday, July 30, 2018

Olbrich Park

What an incredible Wisconsin summer day this was. I'm really pleased with our location this time because it really offered a lot of variety; people, boats, landscape, buildings. Something to please everyone.

But really, a mosquito free experience and sketching with others, What could be better?

Thirteen sketchers in all, 6 who were new to our group! Hello to Vyann and Barry (who came from Iowa) , Laura, Karen, my daughter Emily and Luis (who both came from Spain). Thanks Luis for taking the group photo!

Next up is the field trip to Cross Plains on Sunday afternoon August 12. Lots of variety there, we'll gather somewhere near the coffee shop.

Stay creative, keep sketching...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Union Terrace

Wow, you can see I'm in summer mode, I saw these pics on my phone and remembered I wanted to share them with you!

July 8, on a warm Sunday, I biked down to Union Terrace on the lake. A gorgeous day with lots of people out and about.

Ran into fellow sketchers Helen (first timer) and Genie while I was starting my first sketch. Genie and I met up on the overlook.

On my way back to my bike I finally saw why I hadn't run into anyone else; they had smartly grabbed tables around the corner in the shade, so altogether, 11 productive sketchers took advantage of a beautiful summer day in Madison.

Next meetup is Olbrich Park along the lake. Meet by the beach near the pavilion. I'll be out of town, so if you go, please post.

Stay creative...