Sunday, February 28, 2016

WRAA Art Exhibit at the Pyle Center February 27 through April 9th

Pyle Center  -  702 Langdon St.
Yesterday the Wisconsin Regional Arts Program show in Madison went up at the Pyle Center.  I noted the work of 3 Draw: Madison artists.   Linda Camino, Wendy Crone and myself each have 2 pastels in the show.  If I have overlooked anyone else please let me know.  It is a fairly large show with work on both the 1st and 2nd floors.  Definitely worth the trip but the closest public parking is in the Lake St. ramp about a bock and a half away.  The work of some other Wisconsin artists also hang there as part of a permanent collection.  A huge oil painting by Tom Uttech can be seen near the main entrance.  A staff person there told me Tom had to paint it on site due to its size.  The Wisconsin Regional Artists Association is open to all Wisconsin amateur artists.  There website is here:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Draw: Madison News!!

Today I was exchanging emails about their blog with Mark Liebowitz who is on the board of Urban Sketchers and he wrote back to encourage us to apply to become an official regional Urban Sketcher group.  We had considered it years ago but the work involved seemed more than anyone had time for.  But it seems like it will not be much more work for the blog administrators than it is now and I have offered to do the work involved to set up a new official USk blog.  I sent the application in today and they said it typically takes a month or two for them to respond but it looked to me like we meet all their criteria now.  I will keep everyone posted and hopefully by summer we will have a new look and a more direct connection to a world-wide sketching group.

Elsie and I met this week to discuss future sketching venues and please always feel free to suggest any that appeal to you.  We are also engaged in doing some community outreach to get the word out that Madison has its very own urban sketching group and how much fun it is.

We also discussed the idea of sometimes having our monthly sketching date on a Saturday.  I noticed that this is what the Urban Sketchers Chicago group does.  Some venues are open on Saturdays that are not open on Sundays and it may appeal to sketchers who are often busy on Sundays.  I'll send an email to the group about this but please feel free to add any comments here also.  We thought it might be fun to do a Saturday morning sketch date and have lunch after for anyone who would enjoy that.

We are also hoping to be guests on a local radio program or two to get the word out about how much fun can be had for the price of a pencil and a sketchbook.  Stay tuned and happy sketching!!

Sketching Date: Sunday March 13, 2016 - Olbrich Gardens (again!!)

For our next sketching date we thought we would try Olbrich Garden again as last time the weather kept most of us away and it will probably still be cold enough that the the tropical warmth of the Conservatory will feel great.  While the gardens will not be quite as spring like as the photo above if it is as warm as it was last weekend outdoor sketching would not be out of the question.  We will meet inside the main building at 1pm and sketch until 3pm.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

dynamic colors .. by grandson Jack

Snowy Day outside but lovely botanicals inside Olbrich Gardens

By Elizabeth.  Nice that you joined us for the first time!
By Ruth   Great place to spend the afternoon sketching.

By  Louise    
Three of us gathered inside the botanical 
gardens for sketching.  It was a lively place.  Some came for the fine art show. Others just wanted a place to get out of the cold. Some stopped and inquired
about our Draw Madison group.
We meet the second Sunday of each month (not December) at various places
around Madison.   Any degree of experience with a pen, pencil, ink, pastels or paints is a pre-requisite.
The most important element is that you enjoy sketching.  Join us next month!
Click on the Events Calendar for the next sketch location.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Olbrich Gardens - Bolz Conservancy Sketch Date February 14th

On Valentines Day Draw: Madison will meet at Olbrich Gardens for sketching from 1-3pm.  The conservatory is usually the most popular place to sketch as there are benches, beautiful plants and birds and the warmth is greatly appreciated this time of year.  Admission to the garden center and gardens is free but a $2 admission fee is charged to enter the conservatory. A fine art and craft sale sponsored by the Madison Weavers Guild is also in the garden center that afternoon.
Bolz Conservatory