Monday, June 12, 2017

USK Madison Afternoon at the Depot

The old Madison Train Depot Building was the perfect place for our USK sketch group on a warm and breezy Sunday. Shade under the roof, cross breeze, old train cars and Porters Coffee Shop...what more could we ask for?

Chris and Salvor escape the heat, good idea to bring folding chairs too...

James and Epiphany draw the train car...Epiphany enjoys some juice from Porters Cafe

We had a great showing of 14 people, four of them for the first time. Welcome to new friends Lili and her son Sizhe, Epiphany and Liz, we hope you join us again. Returning once again were USK sketchers; Jean, Tsumugi, Michael, Deb, Reba, Chris, James, Salvor, Gretchen, and Ruth.

USK Madison Sunday afternoon in June at the Depot

The depot, located on West Washington in the heart of Madison,  gives you plenty of room to spread out yet still sketch together. Along with the trains there were plenty of bikes to practice drawing as Motorless Motion Bike Shop is located in the same space.

Several of us remarked how we had never been there and we all vowed to go back another time.

Happy summer sketching and stay creative.


  1. It was exciting to read about the turn-out of 14 sketchers on Sunday! When I came on Saturday evening; there was a private party with a band playing alongside the train.
    I agree it's a great place to return to to sketch....

  2. I am so glad for such a great turnout and welcome to all new sketchers. It is a good place and we will go back. Sorry I had to miss out but will be there next time.