Sunday, June 18, 2017

Follow up from Urban Sketchers outing to the West Madison Milwaukee Road Depot outing.

It was fascinating to see how everyone found their own subject and viewpoint at the depot.  My eye was drawn to the mechanism of the rail car 'truck' (or bogie) that rail cars ride on, while Epiphany(?) sitting near me sketched a wooden wheeled cart that, sitting closer to me than the bogie, I never even saw until I looked at her finished sketch !  (the tricks of perception!)

I made my sketch in pencil but later wondered what it would look like with a water color wash - essentially silver/gray or B&W image.  So here are both.  The pencil sketch looks more like a technical drawing or blueprint while the 'colored' version is more of a life image illustration.  I still can't decide which I like better ;-)


  1. Very cool idea to do the two versions James - I jokingly told Michael I should be doing that view of all the mechanics but knew I would have the patience for the detail! That was a very unique opportunity for sketching...

  2. Great sketch, James. I do like the finished sketch best. Nice job on the values. I used to be turned off by drawing machinery years ago but now I find it fascinating and I think it really helps improve our drawing skills because you MUST draw what is in front of you and it is a challenge.

  3. "Seeing what is in front of you (me)" is indeed a challenge. Machinery at least doesn't feel bad (nor do I) if my rendition isn't seen as flattering ;-)