Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cows on the Concourse

Five sketchers (none from Wisconsin) gathered together by the Capitol to see what all the fuss is about Cows on the Concourse. What a great time we had and the grey skies of the morning turned into sun. Plus we learned a lot of good cow facts from the Moo Experts on duty.

Tsumugi, Kenia, and Mercedes staking our claim on the sidewalk.

Tsumugi brought her friend Kenia (we hope you come back again!) and Sorval, Mercedes and Ruth were also in attendance. We certainly caught people's eyes with our setup near the cow tent and even interested the photographer from the WI State Journal (note the big camera to the left of Tsumugi in the photo).

Ruth draws an Ayrshire calf

Tsumugi does a pencil drawing of the calf with two children

I think we all commented how good it felt to forget the obligations and stress from the week and just get together and draw. Look forward to seeing people next Sunday at the train station and stay creative.

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  1. Great post, Ruth - I'm so glad you all got to sketch the cows. The plein air workshop in Belleville was excellent but I was sorry to miss the cows this year.