Monday, September 12, 2016

Sketching trolls and their town - Mt. Horeb Sunday Sept. 11

209 Main St. in Mt. Horeb, Wi.
Mike's sketch of Main St.

Tsumugi and Mike
Elsie and her sketch of one of Main St.'s iconic buildings
Chris and her Main St. Sketch

Two Main St. Trolls 

My finished sketch 
 Yesterday was a perfect day for sketching in Mt. Horeb regardless of the fact that we went there to avoid the Ironman only to find the east road into town blocked by the race but downtown Mt. Horeb was peaceful enough and while the Grumpy Troll was super crowded we found a quiet space on Main St. and a lovely tea shop that also does light fare.  It's called Telsann Tea and Coffee and is in the building above along with Hop's House which looked like a very interesting restaurant.  The tea shop and MANY kinds of teas and I plan to go back when I have more time to inspect them all.  We also welcomed a new Urban Sketcher, Mike Hirshon, who is a free lance illustrator and whose sketchbook we all admired for the beautiful line drawings he does.  All of us were inspired by his excellent pen and ink sketches.  Mike's most recent sketchbook had wonderful scenes from Thailand and he said he had a chance to go sketching with USk Bangkok.  USk is such a great way to meet people from anywhere and instantly have one very important thing in common - a love of drawing our environment from life and sharing the experience with others.  Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday - it was fun!!  We agreed that Mt. Horeb was a great small Wisconsin town with lots of interest to sketchers.

Note:  Chris I don't think I have your email.  If you see this please send it to me: Thanks!!

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