Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sketch date: Mt. Horeb, Wi. 1 - 3 pm Sunday Sept. 11th

 We will meet for sketching at The Grumpy Troll bar and restaurant 105 S. 2nd St. in Mt. Horeb for sketching from 1 - 3 pm.  The restaurant is just off Main St.  The Ironman race in Madison has made many venues difficult to get to but there should be no parking problems in Mt. Horeb and there is good food and coffee and trolls!  (I will have copies of the Troll Map for anyone who wants to search them out but there are several at places along Main St. and there is plenty of interesting architecture.)  It has been several years since we last sketched here.  Schuberts is also open for lunch but closes at 2pm.    As always, anyone with an interest in drawing is welcome to join us and for questions feel free to contact Pat or Elsie (just click Contact for our email links.)

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