Sunday, May 6, 2018

Always Something to Sketch

It was so wonderfully beautiful this weekend. I reserved my Sunday afternoon to head off on my bike with my sketching gear, this time turning away from center city on the bike path toward Verona.

bike bridge over the beltline near Home Depot

I headed over the bridge on top of the 12/18 beltline and found some shade close to the overpass. I provided a lot of amusement to other bikers as I laid out my various tools, watercolor, etc. I enjoy a little spectacle.

Stillman & Birns Zeta sketchbook, watercolor and Faber Castell ink pens

I think I'll put a bit of shadow under the bridge in the background, but other than that I was pleased. I painted first, then redrew with ink pens. I like disagreeing lines.

There's always something to draw!

I'll be in Fitchburg next Sunday afternoon for our meet-up near Promega at Agora, come join me and...
Stay creative


  1. Wow wonderful, thanks for sharing your posts are so inspiring Ruth!

  2. Very interesting sketch and great composition. An excellent example of the heavier lines of the bike helping to make it look closer. Love the viewpoint, too.