Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Afternoon at Agora

It was a quiet Mother's Day at Agora in Fitchburg. Three of us gathered together and by some miracle dodged the rain for the afternoon. I was familiar with the front of Agora having driven past it several times, but discovered the peace and quiet behind the buildings where we gathered to sketch.

Rebecca, Colette and I all decided to sit in an open area that gave great views of the building and the grassy area. This place offered a lot of variety, areas to spread out your painting materials, places to duck under if it rained, parking and the cafe was open.

I say we should visit once again.

Rebecca had a great Mother's Day pondering the landscape and working in colored pencil

My friend Colette from the Madison Art Guild, joined us and spent her time working on perspective of the buildings

and I just enjoyed working with other sketchers, sharing ideas, being together

Join us for our Saturday meet up at Vilas Zoo at the end of the month and please bring good weather with you!

Stay Creative,

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