Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sketching in Madison on Saturday

I had fully intended to join others at the Centennial Gardens on Saturday...even  made sure I mowed my grass early. Unfortunately I had the 1-3pm time in my head and of course decided to sketch none the less when I realized I had missed our meetup.
This sketch was done for the SBS class with Lynne Chapman, the idea being to sketch in a panorama style. I stopped adding paint before I thought I would. I rather like the ghost lines and white spaces.
Corner of Allen St and Regent St, piece of white paper I later glued to my Stillman and Birns. Colored pencil first, then some micron pen for the people, watercolor added at home.


  1. Love it, it's a very fun sketch to look at. I especially like the cyclists

  2. Hey, that's close to my neighborhood. Lively place, lively sketch!