Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing
We drove to Burrows Park on the north side of town to see if anyone was kite surfing on Lake Mendota.  We've done this previous years on windy days.
Today was both cold and windy.  We found one surfer trying to keep his kite upright on the grass while he ran to the end of the cords to hook up to.  Every time he left the kite it toppled over with the wind gusts.
Peter walked over and offered to hold the kite  so the wind surfer could clip on. 
This time it worked!  He clipped on.  With the kite upright he ran to the water's edge and took off.  He road the waves  and let the kite lift him into the air 
10-12 ft or more and then back onto the waves again.  We loved it. I did some quick sketching and added watercolor washes.  This was plein air painting at it's finest with our cold Wisconsin weather-wind-water-sky and land  all participating.


  1. Well done, Louise. Urban sketcher to the rescue! I had not heard of Burrows Park so I will check it out.