Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday February 12th - Olbrich Gardens

Mike, James & Betty


Louise, Ruth & Elsie

Loiusa's sketches on Strathmore greeting cards

My sketch using Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and crayon
Olbrich Gardens was a perfect place for sketching on a windy day but Louise ventured out in to the gardens for several plein air sketches!  Louisa sat right down on the bridge to get a close up of the koi.  Thanks to Mike for bringing a visiting friend, James with him and we encouraged him to check out Urban Sketchers  Denver when he gets home but when I looked online I see there isn't a regional chapter there but there was a site for urban sketching so I hope some group sketching is happening in Denver.  We were happy to have a visitor.  I believe I counted 9 of us sketching today but I think I am missing one - sorry!

We decided to go to Memorial Union on Sat. Feb. 25th AND Sunday March 12th.  It is a good place this time of year and since the union was remodeled it offers many sketching choices.  


  1. That's a nice warm feeling, what a great day it was with the art show and the sunshine...