Friday, February 3, 2017

Pocket-size Sketchbook and Pizza Brutta

Pizza Brutta
Yesterday I had lunch at Pizza Brutta at their Middleton location (they also have one on Monroe St.) and did this sketch in the smallest Moleskine sketchbook.  This paper is fine for ink sketching but watercolor sort of beads up on it.  The night before I watched a short lecture by USK founder Gaby Campanario about why he likes using a small pocket-sized sketchbook.  He said he can do more sketches faster simply because of the small size and that learning to sketch large scenes in a small space helps him to compose drawings in larger formats, too.  I've had this little sketchbook for years so now I am determined to fill it up as fast as I can.  The staff at Pizza Brutta were so nice and enjoyed seeing my little sketch and I explained what Urban Sketchers is about.  I enjoyed the arugula salad which is excellent there.  The flat bread that goes with it is also delicious.  

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