Monday, June 13, 2016

Allen Garden Sketches

Pen and Ink sketch of  quiet corner of the gardens

Composite pen and ink sketch of statues and pots
Reisa, Carol and I sketched at Allen Centennial Gardens as previously scheduled.  It was a beautiful afternoon and many people were enjoying the gardens but it was not crowded.  The sun was very bright but there were lots of benches in the shade and many flowers were at their peak.  The dwarf conifer garden was spectacular as was the rock garden which Carol noted was planted with "standing" stones in such a way that the plant roots can grow deep and get enough moisture.  We also enjoyed watching baby Koi follow their parents around the pond.  The building is being renovated but is still also a great subject for sketching.  Parking is ample on weekends but during the week until after 5pm it could be a problem as most of the lots require permits during the day.  It would be a great place for sketching on a summer evening.  

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  1. Nice sketches. Sorry our two groups missed each other.