Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Madison icon since 1936... I noticed it parked while driving by a grocery store. Stopped  and asked the friendly staff to fill me in with more "Weinermobile facts." There are six of these roaming the country from coast to coast promoting
the brand to fans and families. The drivers or brand ambassadors 
are college seniors who have a one year assignment. They're also called
 "Hot Doggers." Before they hit the road - they go through two weeks of training
at Hot Dog High... and this weekend was actually their Summer Activation Graduation.  This is the 27th year the cars have been driven across the U.S.
One can't miss them  at 27 ft long and 11 ft wide. 
So... I took out my chair, straw hat and sketch pad.  The pencil sketch was followed by layers of watercolor washes. The details were done in pen and ink.  I had just enough time to almost finish before they drove off to another city stop...


  1. Good Job! I grew up in the Quad Cities where there was a huge OM factory and the mobile was around alot.

  2. You made me laugh--kind of like Back to the Future! Nice job.