Sunday, February 14, 2016

Snowy Day outside but lovely botanicals inside Olbrich Gardens

By Elizabeth.  Nice that you joined us for the first time!
By Ruth   Great place to spend the afternoon sketching.

By  Louise    
Three of us gathered inside the botanical 
gardens for sketching.  It was a lively place.  Some came for the fine art show. Others just wanted a place to get out of the cold. Some stopped and inquired
about our Draw Madison group.
We meet the second Sunday of each month (not December) at various places
around Madison.   Any degree of experience with a pen, pencil, ink, pastels or paints is a pre-requisite.
The most important element is that you enjoy sketching.  Join us next month!
Click on the Events Calendar for the next sketch location.


  1. Nice work everyone!! You all captured the essence of the conservatory. So glad someone could get there on a snowy day when the roads were a bit slick.