Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Draw: Madison News!!

Today I was exchanging emails about their blog with Mark Liebowitz who is on the board of Urban Sketchers and he wrote back to encourage us to apply to become an official regional Urban Sketcher group.  We had considered it years ago but the work involved seemed more than anyone had time for.  But it seems like it will not be much more work for the blog administrators than it is now and I have offered to do the work involved to set up a new official USk blog.  I sent the application in today and they said it typically takes a month or two for them to respond but it looked to me like we meet all their criteria now.  I will keep everyone posted and hopefully by summer we will have a new look and a more direct connection to a world-wide sketching group.

Elsie and I met this week to discuss future sketching venues and please always feel free to suggest any that appeal to you.  We are also engaged in doing some community outreach to get the word out that Madison has its very own urban sketching group and how much fun it is.

We also discussed the idea of sometimes having our monthly sketching date on a Saturday.  I noticed that this is what the Urban Sketchers Chicago group does.  Some venues are open on Saturdays that are not open on Sundays and it may appeal to sketchers who are often busy on Sundays.  I'll send an email to the group about this but please feel free to add any comments here also.  We thought it might be fun to do a Saturday morning sketch date and have lunch after for anyone who would enjoy that.

We are also hoping to be guests on a local radio program or two to get the word out about how much fun can be had for the price of a pencil and a sketchbook.  Stay tuned and happy sketching!!

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