Saturday, March 31, 2018

Union South, during Spring Break

Seven sketchers arrived at Union South, despite the brisk wind. I was amazed by the lack of people until a more observant person informed me it was spring break. Fine if you like architecture, a bit more challenging if you came to draw people.

Pam, Tsela, Mercedes, Deb, Gretchen, Carolyn and me...Ruth

More than one of us remarked how wonderful it was to be next to like minded people, drawing what we see. I am grateful for our group.

Tsela gets a birds eye view, Pam is no doubt in deep conversation...

our the different takes on the Union

Next meet up is at the Capitol...I'm still thinking of places where we can be inside, but (if we're optimistic) also outside.
If anyone has their own ideas for our meet ups, post them on Facebook or just let me know....

We're lucky to sketch together.
Stay creative

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