Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cabin Fever

I didn't do near the sketching I had hoped to do this holiday, but one day after the New Year while my daughter was visiting me we declared a state of Cabin Fever and planned an outing. One important part of the trip was a stop at The Shoe Box. I think I should go back there when its warmer to draw it, it's quite the place.
But of course first we had to have lunch.

La Mexicana on Water St. in Saulk City WI

This is the view from the inside as we happily ate burritos. Ignore the shoe if you are a rigid urban sketcher. I drew it from life, but later in the house.

Mostly I wanted to show you our coffee stop in Cross Plains, on the way back from the shoe store. Another nice area to revisit when it's time to draw outside. This was a perfect stop during single digit weather.

Crossroads Cafe, Cross Plains, WI
Both sketches done with micron pens, my little watercolor kit , a few colored pencils , and all on my Stillman and Birns sketchbook.

Stay Creative!


  1. Nice sketches, Ruth! That is one of my favorite coffee shops in the area. they have my favorite scones.

  2. Very nice and fun to see, all the best from Reykjavik.