Monday, January 23, 2017

Downtown at the Women's March

I naively headed to the bus stop near my house to make  my way downtown on Saturday. The bus went by fully packed. Everyone was headed to the Capitol for Saturday's festivities. This was such an interesting event, one that was a challenge for me to sketch as it was so packed. I opted for quick sketches of some of the people around me on the right side and a view of the Capitol from a phone pic that you see on the left. Pink hats and signs were the patterns of the day!

Madison, Wisconsin 2017 Women's March

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  1. These are great, Ruth. I opted to sketch at home from the photos I took at the march. I looked for you and Salvor but somehow I missed you. Must have been the other 100,000 people getting in the way! I heard a policeman laughing and saying they had expected about 10,000.