Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sketching at Hilldale Mall November 13th

Louisa braving the elements - it was a bit cool outside

Ruth, Gretchen and Elsie also brave the elements

Linda, Reba, Elsie and Mike

Ruth's handmade sketchbook with breakfast cereal covers - very cool!!!

                                                                             Pat, Ruth and Linda with today's sketches
We had a good time sketching at Hilldale and agreed that it would be a good spot for outdoor sketching in warmer weather but a few of us did some outdoor sketches despite the cooler temps.   It was not very crowded today at the mall but there were ample opportunities for figure sketching.  Salvor and Gretchen had to leave a little early and I missed seeing their sketches.  

Next Saturday we will meet at the Chazen at 10 am for sketching until noon and lunch for any one who has time after.

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