Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Sketching at Olbrich Gardens

Sketching Sunday at Olbrich Botanical Gardens-  every element was right:
Sunshine, flowers in bloom, energetic sketchers and plenty of families outside enjoying the gardens...

Some of the day's sketches

And some of the sketchers!


  1. The colors were so intense, what a great way that was to spend a day...we are so lucky we draw!

  2. I added a couple more photos from Olbrich. The gardens were really beautiful today. Thanks to Gretchen for suggesting sketching there. I think the gardens will stay nice for sketching for some time to come, too. We decided on the Chazen for next month & maybe we can go out for coffee after if we have time?

  3. Also Welcome to first time USk Madison sketcher, Salvor! Hope you can come again!