Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sketching at the Vilas Zoo

What a way to spend a gorgeous spring day in Madison, WI...along with several hundreds of other folks. Mother's Day was certainly in evidence as most of us struggled to find parking. We all agreed it was worth it.

I ran into Elsie and friends near the giraffes. As always, you don't really know something until you draw it. This is an amazing animal!

Today was a fun day at the zoo if you were sketching and not intent on seeing the animals because of the crowds. Several passers-by remarked on what we were doing...."Amazing!", they said.

Grab pen and paper and join us next time.


  1. Nice sketches, everyone; esp the giraffes! It was a beautiful day which made the crowds a bit of a challenge for parking but gave us plenty of models.

  2. These are really great sketches!