Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring in Madison

A sure sign of spring - the orange cone - has shown up on my street in Westmorland. Holly Ave is under construction and at times it appears to be a bit like performance art. I was particularly taken with the tiny flags they put up to mark utilities, seems like a fiesta is being planned!

View from my bedroom window

I headed back out yesterday when the weather warmed up to draw the amazing machines used for this project. They are so complex, I definitely took artistic license and eliminated a few things. Best part was when a guy riding his bicycle rode by and said "Hey, are you drawing The Cat?"

Caterpillar machine parked for the weekend
I love it when people notice us.

This is a Stiillman & Birn sketchbook, micron pen, and some watercolor.
Keep drawing!


  1. Nice sketches of typical early spring street scenes in Madison. Those vehicles make challenging subjects. I am dreading them tearing Monroe St. up in a couple years.

  2. Yes, those vehicles make challenging subjects--your sketch is great!