Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Online Sketching Class Starts January 15th

I've been thinking for some time that it might be fun to do one of the online sketching courses offered by Sketch Book Skool.  Previously I had thought one could sign up any old time but it appears from their website that the next "semester" starts on January 15th and enrollment begins at 12pm EST on January 1st.  I'm planning on signing up for the "Beginning" class which seems geared to any level of experience and I especially like the work and blogs of a couple of the instructors for that one, Tommy Kane in particular.  Since winter has finally arrived, I felt this might give me some artistic inspiration and challenges without having to brave the elements until spring.  

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  1. I signed up today for the "Beginning". There was a nice online orientation and classes start on January 15th. I will do an update about how the experience went in a couple months.