Monday, June 22, 2015

Nathan Fowkes Materials List

Nathan Fowkes is a professional artist and illustrator who, for fun,  paints great small landscape paintings en plein air.  His materials all fit in a fanny pack and I find it amazing what he does with such limited materials.  He doesn't use much water with his paintings and often mixes watercolor paints with white gouache for really nice opaque effects.  He likes painting on acid free brown paper and his paintings really glow on it. You can see his work on his blog: .  He really is a master at capturing dramatic lighting effects esp at sunset.  He also has some great black, grey and white value studies on the blog including the very few materials he uses to do those. His plein air kit would be great for urban sketching, too.


  1. I agree that one is able to do a lot with a little while plein air painting. Free yourself and pack light with the supplies. His personal style and technique with gouache is certainly his signature. I especially enjoyed his Moodscape and L.A. Overpass pieces. Thanks Pat for posting.

    1. Glad you liked it, Louise. I always tend to take too much stuff so I am trying to scale down to one small bag for sketching. His sketches are quite small but he says he learns a lot from doing them which helps with his larger and professional work. There's an interesting short interview with him on You Tube and he discusses how he painted one if the small sketches. It is worth watching.