Monday, November 17, 2014

Another New Sketching Book

Yet another new book on sketching; this one is by Katherine Tyrrell author of the excellent art blog "Making a Mark".  Katherine lives in London and features blog entries about a wide variety of subjects concerning art in the UK and around the world and the US in particular.  Her usual medium is colored pencil but on her blog there are links to the blogs & websites of artists who work in many mediums.  Again many of those artists are from the US.  Her blog has a wealth of info and instruction about drawing and painting and I would imagine her new book will be an excellent resource.  Katherine is also a member of Urban Sketchers London.  Her new book features the work of over 50 international artists. I think the publication of Katherine's book, like the new one by Urban Sketcher Marc Holmes, is a reflection of the urban sketching "movement" which seems to be growing every year which is very encouraging (and a lot of fun). 

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