Sunday, March 3, 2013

 Draw:  Madison sketched at Victor Allen's on Monroe St. today.  Sun streaming in the windows and coffee and scones; very pleasant place on a Sunday afternoon.  Today's sketches at left:  Top is a sketch of patrons by Larry.  Next are two sketches by Linda: the first a couple patrons and the next  a sketch of a figurine from the trip to the Epic campus a couple weeks ago.  Last but not least are today's pages from Elsie's sketchbook.  Great work guys!!

We decided to give McKay Center at the UW Arboretum a try again next week.  And Wednesday evening we will have our goodbye pot luck for the founder of the group, Dana.  We are all so grateful that she started our blog and got the group off the ground last year.  We've had alot of fun and met some wonderful folks who have a love of art and sketching from life.  Hopefully Dana will post some sketches from her new home in Chicago and maybe check out the Urban Sketchers Chicago some time. 

Last week Elsie brought the great new book by Danny Gregory, "An Illustrated Journey" to the Chocolatier Cafe so the Draw: Madison sketchers could have a look.  And we all agreed it looks worth the $$ with lots of great sketching by many of the Urban Sketchers members.  There are some interesting video interviews by Danny to be seen on his blog or Urban Sketchers blog with artists included in his book. 

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