Sunday, March 4, 2012

As foretold, a reporter from the State Journal came and interviewed us today at Victor Allen's on Monroe Street. Look for a story about us in the paper tomorrow on page 3. Hilariously, the interview, combined with a second cup of coffee for the day, made my hand very jittery, as you can see from my drawing below.  I was using the fat tips of my Prismacolor markers to explore the use of positive and negative space. The color fields seem to add a lot of interest and depth to an otherwise fairly jittery/wonky drawing. I think I'll keep exploring this technique.


  1. Nice sketch, Dana. I like the use of color plus leaving some parts black and white. Gotta try that next time. Pat

  2. Hi, Dana,
    I really like how the details out the window sort of fit into the whole picture! Great!