Saturday, February 25, 2012

Elsie, an artist from Fitchburg, WI, has been drawing with us for the past few weeks.  Here are a few of her sketches from our drawing session at Olbrich Gardens.  I love how she captured the details of the leaves and just added in color on the dramatic red bromeliad.


These are Elsie's sketches from the Capital, where we drew on Feb. 12.  It was a pretty quiet Sunday at the Capital, with many families going on tours of the building.  We were lucky to find an open bench in the Rotunda to sit on while we drew -- most of the other benches were occupied by homeless people who use the space a day shelter during the cold Wisconsin winters.



  1. Hi, Dana,
    Thanks for putting up my sketches. Great fun to be sketching with the group!
    See you at the UW Memorial Union tomorrow!

  2. hi,
    I really like these sketches....... how nice to be some where with such a variation of lush vegetation.


  3. Hi, Don, thanks for stopping by to see our sketches. It was a fantastic place. In fact the veg. was so lush it was hard to decided what to draw!
    (Don is in another online art group with me. ) Thanks again for checking our group.