Sunday, February 26, 2017

Upcoming Sketch dates - March 12th : Memorial Union 1 to 3pm and March 25th : Bloom Bake Shop Monroe St. 9 to 11am

Bloom Bake Shop Monroe St. location
Next month we will do an extra sketch date on Saturday March 25th on Monroe St.  We will start out at Bloom Bake Shop; they have quite a few tables and they said we can push some together but depending how crowded they are and how many of us show up we may need to separate.  Just have to play it by ear.  They have fabulous baked goods made from locally sourced ingredients.  They are famous for their gluten-free, vegan cupcakes in many flavors and for buttermilk biscuits that come in various combinations.  They serve coffee and tea, too.  I gave us an earlier start time of 9am because they get so busy.  They said it is much busier on Sundays with lines out the door but not as bad on Saturdays.  There are 2 other coffee shops in that block so there will be enough room for us somewhere.
    On Sunday March 12th we will meet again at Memorial Union just inside the main entrance at Peet's Coffee.  We usually wander around and sketch elsewhere in the union but I will stay at Peet's until 1:30 at least for any latecomers.  But if you can't come until after 1:30 just look around the first floor until you find someone sketching!  Since the remodeling of the union there are many good choices of subjects.  Hope to see you soon! 

Sketching at the Memorial Union Saturday February 25th

Pam, Mercedes and Gretchen

Sketches in the Union Theatre's "sun room" overlooking the lake
Welcome to Mercedes who joined us for the first time today.  She also draws wonderful cartoons!  It was a nice bright morning if a bit chilly.  There are so many great places for sketching at the Union now but the 2nd floor was still closed off for remodeling.  Still there is plenty to sketch on the first floor.  We wandered over to the Union Theatre's cozy room overlooking the lake and it was a great place for sketching with a nice gas fire going, potted plants and lots of students to sketch.  We will be going back to Memorial Union on March 12th from 1-3pm.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday February 12th - Olbrich Gardens

Mike, James & Betty


Louise, Ruth & Elsie

Loiusa's sketches on Strathmore greeting cards

My sketch using Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and crayon
Olbrich Gardens was a perfect place for sketching on a windy day but Louise ventured out in to the gardens for several plein air sketches!  Louisa sat right down on the bridge to get a close up of the koi.  Thanks to Mike for bringing a visiting friend, James with him and we encouraged him to check out Urban Sketchers  Denver when he gets home but when I looked online I see there isn't a regional chapter there but there was a site for urban sketching so I hope some group sketching is happening in Denver.  We were happy to have a visitor.  I believe I counted 9 of us sketching today but I think I am missing one - sorry!

We decided to go to Memorial Union on Sat. Feb. 25th AND Sunday March 12th.  It is a good place this time of year and since the union was remodeled it offers many sketching choices.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pocket-size Sketchbook and Pizza Brutta

Pizza Brutta
Yesterday I had lunch at Pizza Brutta at their Middleton location (they also have one on Monroe St.) and did this sketch in the smallest Moleskine sketchbook.  This paper is fine for ink sketching but watercolor sort of beads up on it.  The night before I watched a short lecture by USK founder Gaby Campanario about why he likes using a small pocket-sized sketchbook.  He said he can do more sketches faster simply because of the small size and that learning to sketch large scenes in a small space helps him to compose drawings in larger formats, too.  I've had this little sketchbook for years so now I am determined to fill it up as fast as I can.  The staff at Pizza Brutta were so nice and enjoyed seeing my little sketch and I explained what Urban Sketchers is about.  I enjoyed the arugula salad which is excellent there.  The flat bread that goes with it is also delicious.